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Toto Drake II vs UltraMax II

Toto Drake II vs UltraMax II: Who Is Better [2022]

The Toto Drake II and the UltraMax II are both top-of-the-line one-piece toilets from Toto. Each with unique features that ...
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Presto toilet paper review

Presto Toilet Paper Review & Buying Guide [2022]

Presto toilet papers: We have seen some really good toilet paper, and we have seen some really bad toilet paper ...
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Kohler Elliston Toilet Review

Kohler Elliston Toilet review & Buyers Guide [2022]

How often do you use the toilet? If you’re like most people, then probably several times a day at least ...
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Best toilets under 200

Top 7 Best toilets under $200

Best cheap toilets under 200 dollars: The cost of remodeling or repairing a bathroom is quite important, and every penny ...
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Woodbridge T-0001

Should You Buy the Woodbridge T-0001 Toilet?

INTRO The Woodbridge T-0001 toilet is one of the most popular toilets in America, and it’s easy to see why ...
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